Targeted Distribution

International Space Station: 20 Years of Continuous Human Presence will be distributed extensively throughout the community of professionals involved in the development, maintenance, and operation of the International Space Station. Copies will be circulated by controlled distribution to Johnson Space Center; NASA headquarters; other major NASA facilities and centers in the USA; ESA and other partners space agencies; the global aerospace and defense industry; academia and not-for-profits. 

A digital edition of the publication will be made available to the general public.

ISS Partners and Participants

National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA)
European Space Agency (ESA)
France (CNES)
Italy (ASI)
Norway (NSC)
Sweden (SNSB)
United Kingdom
Japan Aerospace and Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos)
Denmark (DNSC)
Germany (DLR)
Spain (INTA)


Commercial spaceflight developers, operators, and spaceports, including suppliers supporting commercial spaceflight, such as providers of mission support services or training services.
Key decision makers from the Aerospace Industry, including aircraft and spacecraft manufacturers, key prime contractors, and suppliers.
NASA, CSA, and ESA prime and subcontractors


Universities, Colleges, and Not-for-Profit Institutes collaborating with ISS partners on research in the areas of aerospace, mechanical, electrical, and systems engineering; materials science; applied mathematics; and other related fields.


Government leaders, including congressional leadership and the executive branch

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